Racism Is A System. Not An Unloved Fat Kid. Please Get This.

Demetria Bridges
4 min readJun 3, 2020
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How do you break a system? How do you tear it down? Is it by holding hands or with a hug?

Is it by posting shocking videos or adding a Like to a social media post?

Love is greater than hate but it’s no match for hate’s regimented system.

Even awareness can’t topple the institution that is racism.

Racism can be conquered but it must be done systematically. An execution that must be balanced out with perseverance, dedication and active management for it to normalize in our society.

It will not get rid of the malice in every heart.

It will establish trust, enforce behavioral guidelines and birth a subconscious acceptance of aligned ideals and values to the benefit of every African American male who has yet to be born.

For example, ask yourself….why don’t we run red lights whenever we want to? Why don’t we zoom through crosswalks when pedestrians are in the middle of them?

Because we respect the system of traffic laws and to a greater degree, we don’t want to lose our driving privileges or worse, our freedom should we commit vehicular homicide.

We may hate the limits traffic laws impose on us but we abide by them because we acknowledge that with order comes immense freedom.

The system of traffic laws allows me this freedom as well as convenience but like any manmade system it can be revised or even nullified.

You can’t destroy the law of gravity but you can destroy the laws that breathe life into racism.

Broken systems fester because on some level it brings a reward to those who benefit from it the most.

But George Floyd’s brutal murder outweighed racism’s reward and the cost white privilege was willing to pay became too expensive to be tolerated on the balance sheet of humanity.

So how do we begin to remove the foundational bricks of racism? Three areas are crucial to racism’s fall.

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