I love it when people write about God’s Word but don’t really know it.

When you reference OT law, that means you’re speaking in the context of the laws given to man by God. The Bible recounts the life experiences and choices made by humanity, choices many times The Almighty wasn’t in agreement with. But thus, He gave humanity free will to choose — choices they would have to account for in the end.

For example, The Almighty was explicit that marriage was to be between one man and one woman. But the Bible shows many of the Israelites having multiple wives…again, free will. Just because they did it, doesn’t mean God was cool with it. And it certainly wasn’t cool for Christians in the NT to do it.

Was prostitution legal during those times? Maybe but it was never endorsed by God. Show me scripture where God gave man law that says prostitution gets the thumbs up from Him…oh, you can’t?? Because God would never do such.

The only judge here is the God’s Word, a truth you want to equalize with the cultural norms of the days of The Children of Israel, their forefathers and the world around them.

Feel free to respond but please…present biblical fact NOT your human reasoning. If you can’t back it up with His Word, then it’s just conjecture.

The deeper the conversation, the better.

The deeper the conversation, the better.