I scheduled a visit for the Genius Bar online and was ecstatic to find a next day opening. But to my chagrin and utter disappointment, it wasn’t the experience that I expected or even hoped for.

When one walks into an Apple store, they walk into an experience. The energy of the atmosphere, the different tables of learning, the various models of products waiting to be touched and played with.

…and then there’s the Genius Bar.

A place where no matter what model you have, there is a technician to answer your questions, bring clarity to the problem and restore…

Yes, it is. Because 2020 stripped away the deadliest kryptonite to mankind-ourselves.

Before we could fully settle into that new year, the greatest terrorist of all attacked. One we couldn’t see, was everywhere at once and racked up a body count we were powerless to stop. We crashed head first and had to leave broken pieces strewn in the street to find shelter.

2020 violated our comfort zone and thrust us into a stark and raw nerved “now”. It woke us up out of our narcissistic dream state and made us alive to the truth of ourselves and each other.

How do you break a system? How do you tear it down? Is it by holding hands or with a hug?

Is it by posting shocking videos or adding a Like to a social media post?

Love is greater than hate but it’s no match for hate’s regimented system.

Even awareness can’t topple the institution that is racism.

Racism can be conquered but it must be done systematically. An execution that must be balanced out with perseverance, dedication and active management for it to normalize in our society.

It will not get rid of the malice in every heart.


“I couldn’t go from zero to sixty just because that’s what popular society said to do.”

Quarantining for too many of us equated to one word. Pressure. To perform. Up our game. Make more money. Pivot our business. Learn new tricks. And capture even more followers languishing in the fishbowls of their homes scrolling mindlessly.

Where before we waded through the waters of working virtually, we’ve now been throttled head first into the ocean and we’re determined to slice through the waves with broad strong strokes.

But I couldn’t do it.

I couldn’t go from zero to sixty just because…

Weeks have passed filled with sheltering-in, wearing protective gear and daily death tolls. Despite all of this, COVID was still something “out there”. It was something that effected unknown others. And while I consistently prayed for our deliverance from this virus, it was something I watched happen.

Until Tuesday.

I was hit with an email of a colleague that passed away. A healthy colleague who I shared stories with, laughed with, held down Saturdays with while we worked hard at growing our businesses. In a co-working space, people come and go as their business grows. But to see an empty…

However you’re processing life right now, it’s okay.

I was reading a friend’s FB post and she was detailing all the things she’s been able to accomplish since quarantining. Increased her revenue, created online classes, held watch parties and she even dropped in some humor about her eating habits.

While I was hi-fiving her successes, I couldn’t help but feel the shadow of my lack of accomplishments since lockdown.

But that shadow didn’t get far.

The truth is I’ve done some amazing things on the inner me.

I have battled depression since childhood and my fav coping go-to is food. Lockdown was a nightmare for me. Getting essentials…

“Speaking isn’t just audible, it’s spiritual. Your entire being becomes a part of the equation when releasing sound.”

To be heard. That’s what we all want when we stand in front of audiences.

But in reality, we don’t want to just be heard.

We want to be believed, we want to be trusted. We want our audience to buy in and see us as a voice of authority, a go-to, a reliable source.

How does that happen? Is it in our posture, our eye contact or what we say?

Much of the genuine connection we make with our listeners is…

One month out of twelve we will shop, read, listen, acknowledge and for the remaining eleven months, we won’t?

Is Black History a commodity to be consumed for twenty-nine days? We decided to shop at black owned businesses to celebrate a culture that lives among us in this great melting pot.

But what happens when the twenty-ninth day has expired?

We take the time to research historical facts of black history to celebrate our awareness. We’ll listen to jazz or patronize an artist singing the blues. It’s our ode to Black History. But can Black History only be celebrated in…

“I take a knee in honor of those who didn’t have a voice.”

Black History Month brings so much with it. A remembrance and respect of the rights and futures fought for…everyone. One of those rights is the freedom of speech. The inalienable right to use our voice to speak up and speak out, to speak for and against. We can use our voice to be uplifting or to tear down. But the greatest gift is that we can wield our voice at all. It’s not silenced or not counted, unless we choose it to be. …

Hi! I’m Demetria Bridges and I am a lover of all things voice and sound. After a career in corporate management and teaching public school, I found myself creatively. Today I use that creativity as a voice actor, film actor, songwriter and blogger.

I first dipped my toes into voice acting and after getting over trying to impress those listening, I started enjoying playing in the sandbox that is my voice and reveling in all the great things I could do with it. My toolbox became endless…vowels, syllables, phrases, resonance, pitch, commas, even silence. …

Demetria Bridges

The deeper the conversation, the better.

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