I scheduled a visit for the Genius Bar online and was ecstatic to find a next day opening. But to my chagrin and utter disappointment, it wasn’t the experience that I expected or even hoped for.

When one walks into an Apple store, they walk into an experience. The energy…

Yes, it is. Because 2020 stripped away the deadliest kryptonite to mankind-ourselves.

Before we could fully settle into that new year, the greatest terrorist of all attacked. One we couldn’t see, was everywhere at once and racked up a body count we were powerless to stop. …

Weeks have passed filled with sheltering-in, wearing protective gear and daily death tolls. Despite all of this, COVID was still something “out there”. It was something that effected unknown others. And while I consistently prayed for our deliverance from this virus, it was something I watched happen.

Until Tuesday.


However you’re processing life right now, it’s okay.

I was reading a friend’s FB post and she was detailing all the things she’s been able to accomplish since quarantining. Increased her revenue, created online classes, held watch parties and she even dropped in some humor about her eating habits.

While I was hi-fiving her successes, I couldn’t help…

Demetria Bridges

The deeper the conversation, the better.

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